Valves in HRSG Combined Cycle Plants

Users report that Conval valves offer superior performance in HRSG combined cycle plants.



When Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) combined cycle plants were first designed and built several decades ago, many of the originally-installed actuator/valve packages included lower-quality, foreign made globe, gate and ball valves. Time and experience have now shown that these inferior valves only last 4-5 years or less. By comparison, where Conval’s were specified and installed, typical valve life has been more like 16-20 years. Based on this real-life experience, more HRSG maintenance supervisors and planners are choosing to replace original lower-quality, foreign made valves with new Conval Camseal ball valves, Swivldisc gate valves and Clampseal globe valves. Sometimes these plants already stock Conval valves. If they do not, factory deliveries are good. If the original valves are actuated, Conval can match the footprint of the actuator for easy replacement. Based on users’ experience, Conval valves are being used in such key HRSG combined cycle cations as isolation, vents, drains, and feedwater. By their very nature, these plants frequently cycle up and down, on and off, which is very difficult on any mechanical equipment. Most OEM valves simply cannot perform in these highly demanding circumstances. Plant managers and their staffs are discovering that Conval is the smartest, most economical valve choice from a total life cycle standpoint.

Application Spotlight: Power Plant

A two year old power plant originally chose a competitor’s globe and gate valves. However, the Plant Engineering Department wasn’t satisfied with the valves. By October of that year the valves had pressure seal gasket and packing leaks, forcing the plant to replace the faulty valves.

Having used Conval’s CLAMPSEAL® globe valves at other power plants in the past, they turned to Conval. Their Conval sales representative informed them about the Conval Swivldisc® Gate valve; the valves were replaced and the problem was solved permanently.

Conval continues to set the industry standard with high-pressure, high-temperature valves that have the industry’s lowest lifetime costs.

Servicing Manuals Available

To better serve our customers, our Conval CLAMPSEAL® Valve Servicing Instructions are included on our website. Our main goal is to provide our customers with up-to-date information, which enables them to maintain our CLAMPSEAL® valves, in a timely manner. We hope the information contained in our Servicing Instructions will give customers the instant support that they require.

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