Válvula para el Servicio de Urea Folleto

Urea Service Valve

Las válvulas para servicio de urea Conval Clampseal® están diseñadas para las tuberías de alta presión de los condensadores, separadores y reactores de urea.

Standard Sizes and Configurations

Sizes through 6″

Configurations Include

Globe (Y-Pattern, T-Pattern, and Angle Styles), Gate, Check (Piston and Axial Styles), and Camseal Top Entry Ball Valves

Pressure Rating

ASME Class through 2500#

Standard Materials

UNS S31050 (25-22-2), F53, Ferralium 255, 316L, 316L Urea Grade, others as specified


Flanged End, (Raised Face, Lens Ring, Ring Type Joint) Hub Connector, Butt Weld, Socket Weld, others as specified


Actuators – Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Locking Device – Open, Closed, Both
Limit Switch – Single or Dual
Position Indicator

Design Features

Conval Severe Service valves are designed for best in class service life and in-line reparability

Pressure-actuated Backseat

The Clampseal® pressure-actuated backseat provides maximum valve integrity by ensuring a positive internal stop for the valve stem and disc assembly. The pressure actuated backseat also extends packing life by securely isolating the packing from the pressure when the valve is fully open.

Axial-loaded Packing System

The axial design ensures tight concentricity, which eliminates side loading of the packing and minimizes wear forces on the trim components. This feature is critical for superior valve performance.

Urea Synthetization Applications

Conval urea service valves applications include high-pressure piping of urea reactors, strippers and condensers. Our valves are designed for use with ammonium carbamate, nitric acid, ammonia, and other urea process fluids.  Designs include provisions for self-draining waterways and the elimination of collection points where the corrosive media (e.g. ammonium carbamate) can stagnate resulting in crevice corrosion and subsequent cracking.