Hiltap SaVD Series Safe Vent Drain Brochure

Hiltap SaVD Series Safe Vent Drain

Now you can order a simple, single-weld, dual sealing system to Clampseal® Y-pattern valves to enhance leak-free performance and allow for fast, safe, environmentally-friendly venting and draining of piping systems.

Standard Sizes

3/4″ through 1 1/2″

Pressure Rating

ASME Class through 2500 #

Standard Forging ASME Materials

SA 105, SA 182-F22, SA 182-F91, SA 182-F92, SA 182-F316


NPT, BW, SW Ends


Y Pattern

Standard Options

Securing chain

Design Features

Pressure Assisted Bonnet

Combined with self-aligning solid metal-to-metal seat and disc, this provides effective sealing without welds or gaskets.

Pressure Activated HILTAP®

The backseat requires low torque for total isolation of packing.

Replaceable Packing Chamber

The replaceable packing chamber allows for fast repacking of any valve.

Secondary Containment

The HILTAP® metal-to-metal connector is the secondary containment. It includes two dynamic sealing surfaces, a compact profile, ultra-safe residual pressure venting, and the ability to quickly connect to a gravity drain hose. The coupling locks under line pressure.

Easy Installation and Cleaning

Just one weld is required to connect to a pipe. Fitting is machined as an integral part of the valve. Locking threads are located outside wetted volumes. Valve-mounted couplings can be steam cleaned and pressure-purged.

Single-Drip Depressurization

Safe depressurization is achieved in just one drip of fluid, significantly enhancing safety and environmental protection.

No-Spill Gravity Drainage

Hooking up the Safe Vent Drain with a matching HILTAP® drainage pipe is safe, reliable, and quick. This minimizes downtime, labor, and environmental cleanup expense.

Meets OSHA Regulations

The HILTAP SaVD Series Safe Vent Drain replaces low pressure bull plugs and screwed caps. It is manufactured to ISO 9001-2000. Full material traceability, technical specifications, and CRN registration are available upon request.

Pressure Seal Bonnet

The simple and effective pressure seal bonnet provides ready access for servicing with no welds to cut or seal rings or gaskets to replace. The body-to-bonnet joint integrity is maintained through countless thermal cycles.

Single-piece Gland

In extreme environments, the simpler the design and the fewer the parts, the better. The durable single-piece stainless steel gland contributes to the longevity of the valve.

Axial-Loaded Packing System

The Axial design ensures tight concentricity, which eliminates side loading of the packing and minimizes wear forces on the trim components. This feature is critical for superior valve performance.

Pressure-Actuated Backseat

The Clampseal® pressure-actuated backseat provides maximum valve integrity by ensuring a positive internal stop for the valve stem and disc assembly. The pressure actuated backseat also extends packing life by securely isolating the packing from the pressure when the valve is fully open.

Rapid In-Line Renewability

The CLAMPSEAL® Valve is much easier to renew than anything else on the market. The CLAMPSEAL® Valve line provides a modular solution to rising maintenance expenses. Low acquisition cost is not as important as low cost over the serviceable life of a valve. Maintaining a Conval valve is far easier and much less costly than replacing a competitor’s valve.