Strainer WEB CATALOG Catalog


Simple and rugged with wide range of strainer element hole sizes. Socket blowoff connection or integral blowoff valve option available on all sizes.

  • Multiple Body Styles
  • Versatile
  • Performance

Standard Sizes

Sizes through 4″

Standard Strainer Element Hole Sizes

1/32, 3/64, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8

Pressure Rating

ASME Class through 4500#

Standard Forging ASME Materials

SA105, SA182-F22, SA182-F91, SA182-F92, SA182-F316
Other materials available upon request.


Mesh-lined strainer elements


CLAMPSEAL® Strainer CLAMPSEAL® Strainer with Blowoff Valve CLAMPSEAL® Strainer with Blowoff Fitting

Design Features

Body Styles

The CLAMPSEAL® design is available in a variety of in-line angle, Y or T strainer configurations. Supplied as either a simple strainer with blowoff socket connection or strainer with integral blowoff valve, the CLAMPSEAL® is easily disassembled for element cleaning or change out. The CLAMPSEAL® offers a versatile, economical alternative for strainer requirements. Blowoff options enable use of any CLAMPSEAL® strainer as a flush point.


CLAMPSEAL® valves are tailored to the exact requirements of our customers. No other premium forged valve offers so many options. Conval provides multiple body styles in various pressure classes and three standard materials. Other materials are available to meet customer needs. The easy interchangeability of parts means that an entire plant installation can be supported with a very low parts inventory.