The ingenious design and rugged construction of the Conval Valve provides continuous problem free service for some of industry’s most extreme high-pressure, high-temperature applications. When servicing is required, Conval’s in-line renewable valves do not need to be cut out (as do other welded-in valves). The result is the shortest downtime and lowest life-cycle costs in the industry. A complete service, including a reground seat, new packing or stem replacement can often be accomplished in less than thirty minutes.

Users save time and money and increase plant reliability and safety by using Clampseal® and Camseal® valves due to:

Conval Feature Benefits

  • Industry’s Lowest Life Cycle Costs
  • Outage time & labor minimized
  • Leak-free shutoff minimizes repair & valve replacement
  • Longevity in extreme preset temperature services
  • Rugged leak-free bonnet seal suits actuated valve applications
  • ASME Classes through 4500 lb.
  • Reliable performance and designs
  • Wide range of alloys available
  • Variety of metallurgies

Conval Meets Unique Boiler Requirements

  • Drains and blowdowns involve high flows and frequent cycles