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Fossil Power

Conval has met the increasing demand of fossil power energy utilities for nearly half a century. Conval offers in-line repairable valves. This reduces both downtime and replacement costs and gives the Conval valve one of the longest lifespans in the industry.

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Nuclear Power

When the pressure is too high, Conval offers the steam whisperjet, perfect for reducing the effects of erosion in valves found in nuclear power plants. Conval offers valves that comply to Appendix B of 10CFR50 and International Standard ISO 9001.

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Conval’s high-temperature, high-pressure valves are ideal for refineries. Conval offers valves with Nominal ASME Pressure Ratings of 900/ 1500/ 2500/ 4500 and Intermediate ASME Pressure Ratings of 1195/2155/3045 that are able to withstand temperatures of 1200°F.

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Pulp & Power Plants

Conval CLAMPSEAL® valves are tailored to the exact requirements of our customers, perfect for the diverse needs of the pulp and paper industry. No other premium forged valve offers so many options.

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Conval makes specialized application valves to accommodate our customers’ needs, including blowdown valves for boilers. Our CLAMPSEAL® valves also come with integral gland wrenches that permit the packing to be adjusted at any time.

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Cryogenic Systems

Conval is known for its high-pressure, high temperature-valves, but it also makes low temperature valves for cryogenic systems. Conval offers Cryogenic Valves that are designed for high-pressure, low-temperature applications with temperatures as low as -320°F.

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Oil Patch Steam Injection

Conval’s high-pressure, high-temperature valves can withstand the needs of oil patch steam injection utilities. Conval’s engineers have worked hard to produce zero leakage valves. After being manufactured, every valve undergoes pressure testing per ASME B 16.34 to ensure that our customers get the most reliable product.

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Water Treatment

Conval’s zero leakage valves ensure water treatment facilities aren’t wasting a single drop. Our high pressure valves can be customized to meet unique requirements and to top it all off they are in line repairable.

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Hydraulic Systems

Conval’s high pressure valves can handle the intense needs of hydraulic systems. For customers who have hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic actuators, the CLAMPSEAL® valve is provided with an appropriate yoke flange and stem adapter. All actuated valves are furnished with an integral gland wrench.

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