Conval Clampseal® Globe Body Styles

Global valves come in a variety of body styles to suit different applications. Below, the valve experts at Conval discuss the three main globe valve body styles available to help existing and potential customers understand the differences between them.

Y-Pattern vs. T-Pattern vs. Angle Pattern

Conval currently produces Clampseals® in the three preferred styles of forged globe valves with a few additional variations. The three styles are referred to as “Y”, “T” and “Angle” patterns. The names are based on the valve’s configuration.

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The Y-pattern design is our best-selling globe valve. It is named for the Y shape of the body forging. The main advantage of the Y globe valve is that its flow rate (Cv) is greater than the traditional T globe valve. The Y configuration may also facilitate installation in tight envelopes and allow the use of a smaller valve, thereby saving money for the customer.


The T-pattern is likely the oldest globe valve design since it was developed by the ancient Phoenicians. It is named for the valve’s 90° stem versus pipeline orientation (i.e., the stem is at a right angle to the pipeline). The advantage of having the stem at 90° to the valve is that the seismic properties (i.e., the ability to withstand a seismic event) are enhanced. A T-pattern globe valve is also better at supporting an actuator atop the yoke since all the weight and stresses do not cause bending moments on the yoke arms and bonnet threads.

Angle Pattern

The Angle pattern design incorporates a 90-degree turn in the flow path. It can be highly advantageous in a piping system design since it eliminates the need for an elbow in the pipe run, which reduces the number of parts and welds required. Additionally, some Angle pattern valves have a higher Cvthan comparable Y-pattern globes. This style of globe valve is typically used in throttling and blowdown applications.

Conval: Your Expert & Partner for High-Quality Globe Valves

Conval is a premier designer and manufacturer of severe service gate, globe, check, ball, and bellow seal valves in Enfield, CT., USA. We offer Y-pattern, T-pattern, and Angle pattern globe valves suitable for isolating and controlling flow in a range of piping applications. While most of our sales are in Y globe valves, some customers prefer T-globes or specify them when actuation is required. We also maintain capabilities for angle globe valves for specialized applications (e.g., continuous blowdown).  

To learn more about our valve offerings and how they can benefit your operations, contact us today.